Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Chemicals Business

Alumina Division

Alminum hydroxide and alumina possess excellent characteristics that make them ideal as coagulants, flame retardant fillers for rubbers and plastics, and raw materials for ceramics, refractory and abrasives. Low soda aluminum hydroxide and alumina refine these properties further making them increasingly the high performance material in the field of electronics. High purity aluminum hydroxide and alumina are specialty products that are being used more and more in the fields of electronic, optical and environmental materials. Transition alumina is also used in these areas.

Chemicals division

Nippon Light Metal produces and sells various products like liquid caustic soda and liquefied chlorine produced by ion-exchange membrane method including various inorganic materials made from the above substances and organic materials as a result of our unique photo chlorination techniques and strenuous research and development activities. In addition, Chemicals division provides high-quality and excellent flame retardants and zirconium compounds to Japanese market.


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