Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Management Policy

Leveraging a wide array of accumulated technologies and expertise that form our strengths, the NLM Group aims to build more profitable business schemes, contribute to the society in many ways through business activities, and increase corporate value. For these purposes, the Group has set forth the following group management policy:

Three Pillars of the NLM Group

  • 1.Mission of the NLM Group (Management Philosophy)
    Be forever committed to the development of new applications for aluminum and aluminum-related materials and thereby contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life and environmental protection.
  • 2.Principle of conduct
    Excite employees, impress customers, gratify shareholders, and be gentle to the Earth.
  • 3.Management methods for achieving the mission
    • (1)Develop products and create businesses based on a matrix organizational team structure.
    • (2)Implement a single Create-Make-Sell process by consolidating the formerly separated processes of development, manufacturing and sales.
    • (3)Manage the operating profit on a product-by-product basis.
    • (4)Create a workplace where everyone assumes responsibility for and takes pride in his/her work and where everyone can fully develop his/her abilities as freely as possible.

Basic Policies

Group Management

  • 1.The Group shall be managed from the Group's point of view to maximize our consolidated income.
  • 2.All Group members shall make an effort to work in close cooperation with each other by sharing and using all group properties and resources, in order for the Group to maintain growth.
  • 3.All business units of the Group shall define visions that match their characters and traits, implement the visionary management system in which every member participates, and thereby strengthen each organization's effectiveness.
  • 4.The Group shall take a market-in point of view, aim to develop advanced, innovative technologies, and proactively seek out new business opportunities.
  • 5.The Group shall develop and make use of all necessary human resources from a long-term and global perspective.
  • 6.The Group shall create healthy, safe workplaces, and aim to achieve zero-accident operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

  • 7.The Group shall manage group companies in harmony with shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees, and local communities and aim to be a corporate group highly regarded by the society.
  • 8.The Group shall comply not only with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates but also with relevant international standards and their spirit, doing business in a fair and transparent manner.
  • 9.The Group shall provide socially useful, safe, and secure products and services to satisfy and win the loyalty of customers.
  • 10.For environmental issues, the Group shall not only comply with the relevant laws and regulations, but also establish our own environmental policies, and work to realize a sustainable society in an active and proactive way.
  • 11.Recognizing the importance of reliable financial reporting, the Group shall ensure that the accounting standards are complied with and internal control systems are established.
  • 12.The Group shall manage corporate information in an appropriate manner, strive to maintain effective communications with the public, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • 13.The Group shall assess various risks accurately and implement activities for reducing these risks.

(Revised on January 30, 2019)