Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Capacitor Foil Business

Capacitor Foil Business

Today, various electronic devices are essential elements of our daily lives. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are key parts of such electronic devices.
Nippon Light Metal's Capacitor Foil Division undertakes chemical conversion of aluminum capacitor foil, the principal material of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, at the Kambara Capacitor Foil Plant jointly with Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd., the No. 1 manufacturer of electrode foils. Chemical conversion is a process of producing anodic oxidation film on the surface of expanded aluminum foil, which provides the aluminum foil with dielectric characteristics suitable for the application.

The product is sold by Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.


We develop and manufacture aluminum electrode foils, the main material employed in aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in numerous electronic products.