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Development of high-purity aluminum-based alloy

The Nippon Light Metal Group develops and produces high-purity aluminum-based alloys based on high-purity aluminum and contain various additive alloys. High-purity aluminum alloys are high-performance developed alloys that have both the properties of high-purity aluminum and the properties of aluminum alloys. One example of them is introduced here. In addition to this, the Nippon Light Metal Group is developing a wide variety of high-purity aluminum alloys.

High surface nature alloy series for cutting

High-purity cutting alloy (M3M)

This is an aluminum alloy with a good specular cutting property by adding Mg to a high-purity aluminum base.
In addition, our unique molten metal cleaning technology makes it possible to reduce more defects caused by materials during specular cutting than before and has been highly evaluated by our customers.