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In addition to the products introduced here, we can provide products that have undergone various secondary processing and products that meet the customer's specifications. Please feel free to consult us.


We provide 500g,1kg,5kg,10kg,and 20kg ingots as raw materials for melting.


We offer high-purity aluminum billets in sizes φ132 to φ355 as raw materials for extrusion and forging.

SOW ingots

We provide SOW ingots weighing 300 to 800 kg as raw materials for melting.

Plate / slab materials

We provide high-purity aluminum in various thicknesses. Please consult us for the thickness, width, and length. We can handle from the thinnest 0.3 mm to thick blocks. In addition, we can handle shape variations, such as slit coils, cut plates, disks, and irregular cuts according to your equipment used.

Extrusion materials

We can manufacture extruded materials with various cross-sectional shapes such as round and hexagonal. In addition, it is also possible to improve dimensional accuracy by cold working of extruded products. Please consult us for the size, shape, and dimensional accuracy.

Wire material

We manufacture high-purity aluminum wires as materials for vapor deposition, thermal spraying and melting.
Please consult us for the style of packing. We offer the wire material size from φ1mm to φ9.5mm.


We manufacture nuggets by cutting high-purity aluminum wires as materials for vapor deposition and melting.Please consult us for the size.

Aluminum shots

We offer products with a unit weight of about 0.8g.

Aluminum balls

We offer sizes from φ5mm to φ6mm.