Chemicals Business

Alumina Division

Aluminum hydroxide and alumina are widely used as a raw material of coagulants, flame retardant fillers of rubbers and plastics, ceramics, refractories, abrasives, etc. owing to its excellent properties. Additionally, the use of low-soda aluminum hydroxide and low-soda alumina is expanding responding to demanding requirements in quality of electronic materials in functionality and reliability. The use of high performance materials like high purity aluminum hydroxide, high purity alumina, transition alumina, activated alumina, etc., in new fields of applications, such as electronic materials, optical materials, environmental products, etc., will provide a promising future.

Industrial Sectors and Principal Products

Aluminum hydroxide
Coagulants, flame retardant and/or insulation filler of building materials, electronic materials, etc., filler for artificial marbles, raw material of glass, catalysts, etc.
Structural ceramics, electronic materials, spark plugs, heat dissipating fillers, abrasives, material of refractories, raw material of sapphire, filler for LIB, adsorbents, and dehydrators
Fused alumina
Refractories, abrasives

Chemicals division

Nippon Light Metal produces and sells various products like liquid caustic soda, liquefied chlorine, and compressed hydrogen produced by ion-exchange membrane method, and various inorganic materials made from the above substances, and also various organic materials, flame retardants, zirconium compounds, etc. that are produced as the results of unique photo chlorination techniques and strenuous research and development activities.

Industrial Sectors and Principal Products

Soda and Inorganic Chlorides
Paper/pulp, chemical products, cellulose film, soap, medicines and agricultural chemicals, dyes and pigments, material for capacitors, chemicals for disinfectants
Fine chemicals
Raw material of medicines, agricultural chemicals, polymers, electronic materials, and other chemical products
Water treatment chemicals for water purification, waste water treatment chemicals
Flame retardant (Flamtard)
Flame retardant for plastics (PVC, PE, EVA, engineering plastics, etc.)
Zirconium compounds
Paper coating, polymer-cross-linking, electronic materials, vehicle emission control catalysts, ceramic materials

In cooperation with the facilities of MEL Chemicals in the U.K. and the U.S., we provide high-quality and excellent zirconium products to Japanese market through Nikkei MEL (a joint venture company of MEL Chemicals and Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.).