Business and Product Information

Chemicals Business

Various chemicals, like aluminum hydroxide and alumina, are used to produce aluminum material. The chemicals business of Nippon Light Metal offers a variety of products to diversified industry sectors from various lines of chemical products.

Metal Alloy Business

Nippon Light Metal manufactures and sells aluminum drawing stocks used for transmission cables, aluminum billets for extrusion and forging, aluminum alloy ingots for casting and die casting products, and high purity aluminum.

Industrial Parts Business

Nippon Light Metal proposes the best manufacturing method to meet customer needs, such as the PF die casting method, gravity casting (TOMAQ) method, hot forging method, and the C&F method, and contributes to materialization of the specifications, quality, and costs as required by customers.

Rolled Products Business

Nippon Light Metal's Rolled Products Division develops cutting-edge products offered worldwide, and the Division provides high quality aluminum sheets tailored for customer's specific applications and attentive services.

Capacitor Foil Business

Nippon Light Metal's Capacitor Foil Division undertakes the manufacturing of electrode foils, the principal element in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, at our Kambara Electrode Foil Plant jointly with Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of electrode foils.

Heat Exchanger Business

Nippon Light Metal's Heat Exchanger Division sells parallel flow, all aluminum heat exchangers manufactured by Nikkei Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Nippon Light Metal and Modine Manufacturing Company in the U.S.A., and the Division manufactures and sells various types of heat exchangers.