List of Directors and Organization Chart

List of Directors

President and CEO Ichiro Okamoto
Director and Senior Executive Officer Toshihide Murakami
Director and Senior Executive Officer Yasunori Okamoto
Director and Executive Officer Kotaro Yasuda
Director and Executive Officer Toshikazu Tanaka
Auditor Nobuo Matsumoto
Auditor Takayuki Tsuchida
Executive Officer Takashi Hara
Executive Officer Hideki Amimura
Executive Officer Kazuto Sanada
Executive Officer Masahito Saotome
Executive Officer Shinmei Sen
Officer Yasuhiro Sai
Officer Kazuyoshi Sugiyama
Officer Toshikazu Tanaka
Officer Seiji Sakata
Officer Hiroyoshi Suzuki
Officer Hitoshi Yamaguchi
Officer Masakazu Ichikawa
Officer Yuji Suzuki
Officer Tasuku Furuta
Officer Toshihiro Matsuba
Officer Isao Shikine
Officer Hidetomo Shirai
Officer Yoshinori Sugawara
Officer Hiroyuki Matsudaira
Officer Haruhiko Takahashi
(As of June 26, 2018)

Organization Chart

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