Rolled Products Business

Rolled Products Business

High Functional Aluminum Alloy Sheet Products used in Diversified Industrial Sectors

Nippon Light Metal’s Rolled Products Division offers high quality aluminum alloy sheets that meet customers’ applications and provides attentive services worldwide, and develops advanced products anticipating the future.

Aluminum Sheets Products of Nippon Light Metal: Development Alloys

Electrical and Electronics Related Products

High quality anodized aluminum alloy sheets (A Series)
6000 series sheet for enclosure (AX61, MX61)
Dream Lube (Pre-coated high lubricating aluminum Alloy)
Aluminum alloy sheets for lithium-ion battery cases (LB Series)
High electrical conductivity aluminum alloy sheets (997B, E601, N601, N52S)
Plated aluminum alloy sheets

Automotive and Transportation Related Products

High strength and high formability aluminum alloy sheets (N532)
High strength and high formability 5000 series aluminum alloy sheets (FC)
High formability aluminum alloy sheet (AFX2、MFX2)
High heat resistance 3000 series aluminum alloy sheet (FC)
High brilliance aluminum alloy sheets
Aluminum brazing sheet
Nikkei Ecolas (chrome-free colored aluminum alloy sheets for precoating)

Building Related Products

Aluminum alloy sheet for architectural panels (NK01, NK11)
Anti-fouling and stain resistant pre-coated color aluminum alloy sheet
Whitish anodized aluminum alloy sheet (A505)
Formaldehyde-free color aluminum alloy sheet
Anodized color aluminum alloy sheet (FHA, FTA, D477)

Equipment and Machine Parts Related Products

Heat treated aluminum alloy plate (14S, 24S, U74S, 75S)
N-FLAT® aluminum alloy plates of Nikkei
6000 series aluminum alloy plates for semiconductor/LCD fabrication equipment (R61S)
Duralumin of Nikkei (N17S)
Aluminum alloy plate for plastic molding dies (TKF7)
FSW (Friction Stir Welding) technology from plate to sheet


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