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Aluminum solar panel frame ALSOL MEGA released for sale

Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd., (President Takashi Ishiyama with main office in Shinagawa, Tokyo) and six group companies commercialized an aluminum frame for mega solar panels that was completed by improving the aluminum solar panel frame ALSOL to specifically apply to mega solar panels and started sales in July.

Since many frames currently used for mega solar panels are made of steel, measures for salt damage and improvements in workability have been required. In this situation, NLM Group has promoted the optimization of construction based on the aluminum construction analysis and its verification technology accumulated over many years and successfully developed aluminum frames with the features of light weight, high strength, high corrosion resistance, and greatly improved workability. In addition, this frame is designed so that it provides high tolerance for foundations on site and easy adjustment of positions during frame assembly or panel installation without spending too much time. Delivery in the condition of semi-assembled unit reduces installation time.
(Patent and registration of design applied)

Main Features

1. In the best condition using large-sized panels, installation load is reasonable because it is as light as approx. 1.5 kg/m2.
2. Assembly of frames requires no construction machinery and is performed very efficiently, that is to say four persons can assemble solar panels of 100 kW per day.
3. Panels can be quickly and easily installed because installation is done from the upper place.

The name of the developed product was decided to be ALSOL MEGA (trademark applied) by relating already commercialized ALSOL to MEGA of mega solar panels. Our target sales amount is 1 billion yen in FY 2012 and 3 billion yen in FY 2015.

Logo mark for ALSOL MEGA

Logo mark for ALSOL MEGA

Participant companies of NLM Group

NLM ECAL Co., Ltd.
Nikkei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Co., Ltd.
Nikkei Extrusions Co., Ltd.
Sumikei Nikkei Engineering Co., Ltd.
Riken Light Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.
Nippon Light Metal Co,. Ltd. (Random order)


Successfully developed and commercialized aluminum solar panel frame ALSOL MEGA

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