Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Heat Exchanger Business

For Electric Vehicles

Inverter Coolers

  • - Coolers for power semiconductors that support electric vehicles
    Optimum design for thermal performance and pressure loss with diverse fin variations such as straight, corrugated, and square pin-fin types
  • - Excellent flatness of the power semiconductor mounting surface due to optimization of structural design and manufacturing technology
  • - We provide sophisticated coolers by taking advantage of excellent manufacturing technology and thermal design technology, such as special brazing methods and alloy development.
Heat transfer coefficient by fin shape [W/(m2K)]

Battery Cooling plate

  • - We provide highly reliable battery cooling plates using advanced extrusion process, press forming, and a variety of bonding technologies.
  • - Integrated processing of analyses, design, extrusion, rolling, bonding, and inspections in our company
  • - Compatible with various shapes, such as cooling plate unitization (assembly of multiple plates)
  • - Adoption records and mass production records in domestic and overseas EVs / PHEVs
(i) Micro Channel Extrusion Tube processing + side cover type
(ii) Micro Channel Extrusion Tube + header pipe type

Weight reduction is achieved by simplification of the structure.
The number of connected Micro Channel Extrusion Tube can be changed freely.
This type can be used with gas refrigerants due to its high pressure resistance.

(iii) Plate and press forming brazed type

Flexible design allows designs that match the cooling area.
Thinning and weight reduction can be achieved.


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