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Heat Exchanger Business

For Various Air Conditioners / Refrigerating Equipment

Condensers for Cooling Only Room Air Conditioners

  • - Reliability cultivated over a long history of use in car air conditioners
  • - Adoption of original joint system using SUS
  • - Realization of long-term corrosion resistance by using Nippon Light Metal original alloys
  • - Many years of adoption results in home air conditioners
AL-SUS joint
Corrosion prevention design using our original alloy

Long-term anti-corrosion effect is maintained by designing the tube and fin materials with optimum potential difference.

SWAAT (Sea Water Acetic Acid Test) (4900 hours)

No pitting leading to leaks even after 4900 hours.

Condensers for Various Air Conditioners / Refrigerating Equipment

  • - Adoption of original joint system using SUS
  • - Compared to conventional F&T heat exchangers, significant downsizing, weight reduction, and refrigerant saving can be achieved, contributing to a reduction in the environmental impact.
  • - Abundant adoption results as condensers for industrial equipment
Condenser comparison diagram
Condenser performance comparison table
Weight 100%59%
Refrigerant amount100%74%

*The numerical values are our reference values.


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