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Heat Exchanger Business

For Automobiles

Parallel Flow Condensers for Car Air Conditioners

  • - All-aluminum condensers that combine excellent thermal conductivity, strength, and corrosion resistance using our developed aluminum alloy
  • - Capable of meeting such needs as high performance, miniaturization, and weight reduction
  • - We propose our products as a total supplier from alloy development to design and evaluation according to customer requirements.
  • - Delivery records of more than 30 million units in total

Corrosion Resistance Improvement by Control of Corrosion Form

As an example of our developed alloys, there is an alloy that shows a layered corrosion form by adjusting the additive elements. As shown in Fig. 1, common alloys corrode in the plate thickness direction. However, as shown in Fig. 2, our developed alloy shows a layered corrosion form to delay corrosion in the plate thickness direction. The features of this developed alloy allow an extension of the durability time or weight reduction due to thinning of the tube wall by 10%.

  • Figure 1. Enlarged photo of
    tube cross-section of a common alloy

  • Figure 2. Enlarged photo of a tube
    cross-section of the alloy developed
    by Nippon Light Metal


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