Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Industrial Parts Business

Gravity Casting

Features of the TOMAQ Method

  • Few casting defects
  • Rapid cooling speed reduces cycle time
  • Realizes reduced cost
  • Allows a larger number of units to be cast than standard gravity casting methods do
  • Realizes a fine internal structure
  • Minimal variation in mechanical properties
  • Realizes high strength and high toughness
  • Suited to the casting of collapsible cores

Aluminum Pipe Cast-in Technique using the TOMAQ Method

This is a casting technique in which aluminum pipes are finished using a high-accuracy three-dimensional bending technique, and cast in using rigorously temperature-controlled molten aluminum. Nippon Light Metal's integrated caliper body castings using cast-in aluminum pipes as hydraulic channels simultaneously realize high rigidity and light weight. (A world first.)

A Casting Technique using Iron Pull-out Cores

This is a unique technique in which long pipe-shaped iron cores are removed at a low draft angle.
This technique produces less gas than the generally used collapsible core method, enabling the realization of excellent internal quality.