Heat Exchanger Business

Heat Exchanger Business

Nippon Light Metal offers High Performance and High Quality Aluminum Heat Exchangers Worldwide

Nippon Light Metal's Heat Exchanger Division sells all aluminum parallel flow type heat exchangers produced by Nikkei Heat Exchanger Company, Ltd., which is the joint venture between Nippon Light Metal and Modine Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and also manufactures and sells various types of heat exchangers.
Nippon Light Metal offers high performance and high quality aluminum heat exchangers that meet applications and design requirements of the customer and provides associated attentive services. Additionally, in cooperation with Modine Manufacturing Company, the joint venture partner, we can offer products and services worldwide.

Products Available

Parallel Flow Type Heat Exchanger
  • Condensers for car air conditioner (Common name: PFC)
  • Subcooling condensers for car air conditioners (Common name: IPEC)
  • Condensers for transport cooling/refrigeration units
  • Condensers for room air conditioners for cooling only
  • Condensers for various types of air conditioners/refrigerators
  • Liquid cooling system radiators for PCs and industrial equipment
  • Parallel flow type oil coolers (Common name: PFOC)
  • Various types of brazed aluminum heat sinks
  • Sales of materials for various types of aluminum heat exchangers
  • Various types of brazed aluminum products

Major Group Companies Related in the Business

Nikkei Heat Exchanger Company, Ltd.

Product List

Parallel flow condensers for car air conditioners (PFC)
Parallel Flow Subcooling Condensers for Car Air Conditioners (IPFC)
Condensers for Various Types of Air Conditioners/Refrigerators
Liquid Cooling System Radiators