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High Purity Aluminum Hydroxide
High Purity Alumina

with technology of Nippon Light Metal

With accumulated technologies of Bayer process since the start of operation in 1941,
Our high purity aluminum hydroxide and alumina is produced.

High purity aluminum hydroxide

 High purity aluminum hydroxide is a crystal of “Gibbsite”, white powder manufactured by the Bayer process.
 “Gibbsite” is an amphoteric compound with rich in reactivity. It is soluble in acid and alkali, and then it becomes to high purity aluminum salt and high purity aluminum acid salt.
 This product is applicable to high-definition glass and optical glass as more than 99.9% purity level has achieved and the containing metal impurities such as Fe and Ti are extremely low.
 Also, high purity aluminum hydroxide has the property of rapid dehydration from around 200℃ and cause a large endothermic reaction. It is widely used as an inorganic flame retardant (filler).

High purity aluminum hydroxide BHP39
High purity aluminum hydroxide BHP39
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High purity alumina

 High purity alumina is a white crystalline powder made from high purity aluminum hydroxide and archives high purity with calcination.
 Features of high purity alumina are chemical stability, high melting point, high mechanical strength, high hardness, high electrical insulation resistance and good thermal conductivity.
 Due to these properties, this product is used in a variety of fields such as ceramics for electronic material and machine parts, resin filler material, raw materials for grinding and polishing, and sapphire raw materials.

High purity alumina

Characteristics of high purity alumina

High purity alumina

Milled high purity alumina

― High purity alumina milled
for the controled particle size ―

High purity alumina products

Manufacturing process of
high purity products

 In the manufacturing of High-purity products, sodium aluminate solution is extracted by dissolving and purifying “Aluminum hydroxide” as the raw material. Additional removal of impurities from the purified solution produces “High purity aluminum hydroxide”.
 For “High purity alumina”, “High purity aluminum hydroxide” is the raw material. Repeat of calcination and washing produces AHP20 and AHP30 in different alpha-particle. Processing and milling of “High purity alumina” enables us to achieve the various demands of user-friendly products such as granule, pellet and high purity fine-grained alumina.

Manufacturing Process of
High purity products

Sodium aluminate solution
Impurity removal with Precipitation
High purity aluminum hydroxide (BHP39)
High purity alumina (AHP20/AHP30)
Fine-grained high purity alumina (AHP200/AHP300/AHP410)
Products of high purity alumina (AHP200D/AHP300G/AHP300H/AHP300B)


  • Engineering Ceramics
  • Artificial Bone
  • Translucent Ceramics
  • Semiconductor Equipment parts
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Battery Material

“High purity” products are used for oxygen sensors, battery material, and semiconductor equipment parts.
For the medical field, they are applied for ceramic parts such as artificial bone and joint.

Electrical and
electronics materials
  • Vapor Deposition Material
  • Spraying Materials
  • Heat Dissipation Sheet
  • Sealant

“High purity” products are widely used for heat dissipation/high thermal conductive inorganic filler, and raw materials of vapor deposition and spraying.

Industrial Raw Materials
  • Sapphire
  • Special Glass
  • Fluorescent Material
  • Aluminum Salt

The characteristics of high purity aluminum hydroxide and high purity alumina are utilized for the raw materials of high aluminum salt, high definition glass/optical glass, sapphire and fluorescent in this filed.


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